Good For Your Pets and Planet Earth

Testing the grass

In order to look after your pets, we have to look after mother earth too. It takes the perfect balance of water, sunlight, and soil conditions to create our irresistible hay. Therefore, we know the importance of reducing our impact on the planet in every possible way.

Our hay is produced using several types of renewable energy and packed in sturdy cardboard boxes, so you can either reuse or recycle them once the tasty contents have been snuffled up!

If you love mother earth as much as we do, read below to find out more about our sustainability!

Ground Source Heat Pump

The heat used to dry our hay is powered by renewable energy from our ground-source heat pump. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? It is – we pull geothermal energy from the earth beneath the farm, producing the heat and hot water that we use. This heat travels under The Hay Shed, bringing our innovative drying floor to life which provides a perfect temperature for drying the hay to optimum moisture levels, making it absolutely delicious for your small pets.

Solar Panels

Proudly perched on the roof of The Hay Shed are our solar panels! With 3500 of these bad boys, we harness the power of the Northumberland sun! Our solar panels generate 900kw of power daily, showering us with greener energy and reducing our carbon footprint.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

We have made a conscious effort to minimise our packaging to cut down on waste, and all our materials are recyclable! The kerbside collection won’t believe their eyes! But wait, there’s more you can do! Grab those scissors and turn the box into a pet paradise – an extra cosy crib for your furry pals to kick back in.

 9 October 2023