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Welcome to The Hay Shed! We are Ian, James and Graeme, three brothers running our family farm. We have been producing the greenest grass for decades, which has been perfectly prepared for your pets.

Our family farm is based in Northumberland, nestled between the rolling Cheviot hills and the gorgeous east coast beaches. It has been in the family for almost a century and has the perfect environment to produce a variety of crops.

We have been providing the equine industry with our tasty hay for over a decade, allowing us to finesse growing nutrient-dense grass and develop a shed drying system to ensure quality control for every bale. Small pets should be fed hay of the best quality, too, so we endeavoured to get it delivered right to your door so your furry friends can tuck into the good stuff from the comfort of their hutches.

Sustainability is at our heart

Ground source heat pump

Our state-of-the-art drying floor is powered by renewable energy sourced from our ground source heat pump. This clever machine draws geothermal energy from the earth beneath the farm, producing the heat and hot water that we use. This heat is then passed through a series of pipes which run under the Hay Shed, providing a toasty environment, and is made to be the perfect temperature for drying the hay to optimum moisture levels.

Solar Panels

Our electricity is sourced from 3500 solar panels that are located on top of every shed roof across the farm. They produce 900kw of power a day, providing plenty of green energy and reducing our carbon footprint. Although Northumberland is not the sunniest place in the world, the sunny rays greatly benefit our carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly packaging

We have tried to keep our packaging to the bare minimum to reduce waste, and everything is made from materials which can be easily recycled through your curbside collection. Alternatively, you can take a pair of scissors to the box and give it a second use as an extra house for your pets to play in, so they can continue the fun after eating the delicious contents!

The hay shed stories

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