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Choosing the right hay for your guinea pig

Hay should be the majority diet for guinea pigs to ensure their best health. It is important for their guts and to keep their little gnashers at a good length. Depending on each guinea pig’s weight, age or health, they will require a different amount of nutrients such as protein and fibre. Discover the perfect hay for your little piggie…

Check out our fun facts about guinea pigs and how choosing the best hay for them will keep them in the best health!

Fact 1

Did you know the ‘week week’ noise guinea pigs make is a sign of excitement? It will be a common noise in your household when they receive their first mouthwatering Hay Shed delivery…

Fact 2

Did you know that guinea pig’s teeth are always growing? This is why a fibreous diet is important to wear down their gnashers!

Fact 3

Did you know guinea pigs are active for 20 hours of the day? This is why it’s so important to have an unlimited supply of fresh green hay and water available to them all at times.

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