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Hay Buffet

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Hay Buffet

Not sure which of our hays to order for your small pet? Or are you looking to add variety to their feeding schedule? Let them decide which hay is their favourite with the hay buffet.

The hay buffet includes tasters of our five varieties of hay (timothy, meadow, oat, rye, and alfalfa) and a sample of our barley straw bedding.

Please note each bag of hay weighs approximately 100g. The total weight of this product is 600g.

Order by 2pm for guaranteed next-day delivery, excluding bank holidays and weekends. Please note next day delivery is not available for the Highlands, Islands, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. 


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Fresh from the farm


Our Timothy Hay is sweet in taste, coarse in nature, and gorgeously green. It is the perfect all-rounder and loved by many small pets.


Our Meadow Hay is packed full of a variety of grass types, creating tasty variety of your small pet.


The nutty flavour of Oat Hay provides variety for your animal which delivering the same crucial nutrients as some of the most popular hays.


Our Rye hay is higher in protein and fibre, helping give your pets a little energy boost! It is sweet, green and has tasty long stalks.


Our Alfalfa is nutrient dense and delicious! It’s higher protein and calcium content makes it more suited toward baby, pregnant, elderly or sick small pets.

barley straw bedding

Our Barley Straw Bedding is super soft and premium quality, perfect for pets that low to burrow!

What Makes the Hay Shed So Good?

Barn dried

Our state-of-the-art drying system allows us to control the hay moisture content and drying process. This allows us to remove the moisture while retaining the vital nutrients, sweet taste and green colour.

dust extracted

Your fluffy friends have delicate respiratory systems which can be harmed easily by dust, so we make sure to remove it from our hay through a mechanical packing system before it is sent direct to your door.


Did you know muesli can cause issues for those little teeth and tummies? Rest assured that you will find no muesli in our products.

Eco-friendly packaging

Our packing boxes are made from recyclable cardboard for easy and planet friendly disposal. Sustainability is at the heart of The Hay Shed, find out more here (link).

Home-grown in the UK

We grow, mow, dry and pack our hay on our farm located in Northumberland. We take great pride in controlling every stage of production to ensure our hay is of the best quality.

All natural products

Your small pet deserves the best! Feed them some of the good stuff – you’ll find no nasties here, just sweet, green, delicious hay!

What our customers are saying

BARK Kennels

Fresh, Fragrant and Dust Free Hay. Our animals, especially the rabbits, cam sometimes be very picky eaters and the toughest critics. So far, they have all eagerly tucked into the hay without any complaints.


The timothy hay is of superb quality and my bunny went straight for it. The hay smells beautiful and produces nice healthy poops, just like rabbit owners like to see! The taster packs are also very much liked and only lasted a few minutes.

Katie Laker

Lovely Hay - This is a great quality hay that my bunnies absolutely loved. Would definitely buy from again.

Lynda Martin

Very prompt delivery in lovely cardboard boxes and the hay is such good quality.