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Choosing the right hay for your pet

We grow many different types of hay, varying in protein levels for those who need some extra energy, different tastes for variety, and texture for the fussy fellas. For all these small pets, there should always be fresh hay available for them to nibble on throughout the day.

rabbit on grass

Rabbit Hay

Hay should make up 80% of a rabbit’s diet and always be available for them to munch on. Therefore, it’s important to make sure it’s something they love and bursting with the right nutrition for their age and health requirements.

Guinea Pig Hay

Did you know your guinea pigs should have a body-sized amount of hay, plus more for grazing? Our variety of delicious green hays are the ideal way to keep your guinea pig healthy, happy and excited for every meal.

guinea pigs playing

Hamster Hay

Our hay is an ideal extra for hamsters to gnaw on, nestle into and encourage natural foraging – bringing out their wild sides! Even though hay doesn’t make up such a large amount of their daily recommended diet, it is important for their dental health and digestive system!

What our customers are saying

BARK Kennels

Fresh, Fragrant and Dust Free Hay. Our animals, especially the rabbits, cam sometimes be very picky eaters and the toughest critics. So far, they have all eagerly tucked into the hay without any complaints.


The timothy hay is of superb quality and my bunny went straight for it. The hay smells beautiful and produces nice healthy poops, just like rabbit owners like to see! The taster packs are also very much liked and only lasted a few minutes.

Katie Laker

Lovely Hay - This is a great quality hay that my bunnies absolutely loved. Would definitely buy from again.

Lynda Martin

Very prompt delivery in lovely cardboard boxes and the hay is such good quality.

The hay shed stories

Join us to shed some light on important pet topics and farm facts!

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Dust Free Hay

Dust-Free Hay Direct from Our Farm

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